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Interior Painting

It’s time to spruce up the interior of your home home and what better way to do it but to have a fresh coat of paint on walls, ceilings, trim and doors.

P&G Property Solutions uses only premium paints which guarantee a beautiful paint finish for your home, and we supply the paint using our professional discount which saves you even more money. And of course, we not only want your newly painted home to be beautiful, we want it to be safe from harmful chemicals that can cause potential health problems as well. That’s why the paints we use are rated “No or Low VOC”.

What does the term VOC mean? It stands for “Volatile Organic Compound”.  Volatile Organic Compounds are organic compounds that are levels of toxic chemicals which are emitted from a variety of household products and materials. Everything from house paint to that new couch you just unwrapped will contain levels of these chemicals. Paint and paint strippers are a couple of more common places you’ll find VOC’s and thankfully, they’re also some of the easiest for us to avoid.

“Pro Painter Helper Program”: You need to paint the interior of your home. You can do some painting, but you’re not a pro. The last thing you want is wall paint on the ceiling and ceiling paint on the walls. And of course, painting the base boards  can be difficult, leaving fresh paint on the edge of your carpets and floors. How can you get a professional interior paint job and save money at the same time?

With the “Pro Painter Helper Program” P&G Property Solutions will provide professional painters to do the hard painting areas such as ceilings, “cut-ins” between walls and ceilings, baseboards around kitchen cabinets etc. and we leave the easy painting areas such as rolling walls and interior doors to you. The final result, is a professional interior painting job at a savings of hundreds of dollars for you.


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