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We also use shingles as featured on HGTV!

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There are no shortage of roofing companies, especially in today’s market. This competitive market has forced many companies to cut corners when estimating roofing projects, especially if the Homeowner is paying for part or the entire-re-roofing project. That’s why it is important for every home owner to consider quality of work versus only cost.

A new roof is one of the most important home improvement/replacement projects you’ll ever do. Why? Because a roofing problem usually means a water leak at some point. And water can damage the inside of a home very quickly, not to mention the mold implications which may arise.

A strong roofing underlayment assures a long-lasting secure roof. Before one shingle is nailed to your home the following roofing issues should be considered.

  1. Shingles:  P&G Property Solutions offers excellent shingles as featured on HGTV.
  2. Venting: Years ago the building practice was not to vent homes. However we now know in order to have a healthy roof system a home requires soffit venting which allows air to enter into the attic area AND a home also requires Ridge Venting or Box Vents which acts as a hot air exhaust, allowing heat to escape from the attic area. If too much heat is allowed to build up in an attic area, this excessive “Heat Gain” will “Cook” your shingles thereby shortening the life of the shingles. Also, all shingle warranties are void if a home is not properly vented.
  3. Ridge Vents: Low Profile Ridge Vents are the norm for today’s roofing projects. Usually replacing old style Box Vents, Low Profile Ridge Vents allow an even hot air exhaust, which has been the cause of many shingle failures. Additionally, Ridge Vents can be “shingled over,” making them virtually invisible from the street, which dramatically improves the curb appeal of your home.
  4. Drip Edge: Many homeowners don’t have Drip Edge protection on their home. Drip Edge is a “T” shaped piece of metal. It is simply installed along the eave edge or “Rake” of the home. Its function is to give additional strength to the edge of the overhanging shingles AND to help prevent water intrusion, especially during high wind rain storms. Without Drip Edge, your shingle edges are prone to damage and your roof sheeting susceptible to water damage.
  5. Gutter Apron: Many homes don’t have this additional protection. Gutter Apron is also a “T” shaped piece of metal just like Drip Edge, only larger. P&G installs Drip Edge along all gutter areas. Basically Gutter Aprion gives support to the shingle edge which runs along the gutter line AND also shields the back inside area of the gutter from allowing water to drain behind the gutter, thereby preventing moisture damage to the Fascia and Soffit wood. Gutter Apron also protects the roof line from ice damage in winter.
  6. Roofing Felt:  There have been big changes in the roofing industry in regards to roofing felt. P&G Property Solutions no longer uses the old 15# or 30# roofing felt which can become damaged during installation. P&G Property Solutions only installs Non-Tear Synthetic Underlayment, which provides additional protection to the roof areas under your now shingles.
  7. Ice and Water Protection: In addition to synthetic underlayment, P&G also installs “Ice & Water” Shield along the gutter lines, in the valleys, around chimneys and all other problem areas where rain and melting ice could create a roofing leak.
  8. Flashing:  P&G Property Solutions replaces all the flashing on every roof project. Many roofing companies may decide to use the old flashing, however this can cause some water leak problems in the future for the homeowner. But is also important to note some home construction does not allow the removal of some flashing without potential damage to the homes siding areas. In these case’s P&G Property Solutions is well versed in re-working and re-sealing these flashing areas and of course we fully warranty this work.

“Roofing Material and Shingle Warranties”: Ask P&G Property Solutions about the new enhanced Shingle and Labor warranties associated with our roofing projects.

Better Business Statistic: Source: Owens Corning/BBB

  • 10.7 million BBB complaints on Home Improvement Companies
  • 80% of complaining consumers having MAJOR PROBLEMS chose the cheapest price and later had problems which they could not get corrected.

Roof Project – Case #1

The following roof project photos are that of the Donahue Roof project in Loveland, Ohio. The project consisted of a two layer tear off, installation of 66 roofing square plus installation of Shingle Over Ridge vent. All other aspects of the project met Building Code Guidelines.

Roof Project – Case #2

The following roof project was a small ranch however in need of a lot of rotten roof decking replacement needed. The following photographs illustrate our ability to repair any roof which may need extensive repairs. The following project was completed in one day (10 Hours). Our roofing crews just don’t work 8-hour days, we work until the project is completed or it gets dark, whichever comes first.

Roof Project – Case #3

Roof Project – Case #4

Roof Project – Case #5

Roof Project – Case #6

Roof Project – Case #7

Roof Project – Case #8